About Myself

Eldest among three sons of my parents who retired from Medical and Education Departments  from Govt. of  Punjab, India- Much of my life is spent in climbing and trekking in Indian Himalayas. A moderate medical student, socio-political Punjab in late eighties left it’s trauma and color in many shades on me.
It was also that era when I was doing theater, reading a lot and also working in Nestle India Ltd. I preffered pathology instead of continuing with Nestle and worked in various capacities in Job and business before I joined Adesh Hospital Research Center, Mukatsar ,Punjab, India [ Now a days, very big chain of medical colleges, institutions – it was here  I got exposure to then latest technology of IVF [ In-Vitro Fertilization ]

Served nearly two decades in Railway Health Department before I immigrate to Canada with my family

I was attracted towards mountains in college days and very soon, I found myself with map, food, tent and sleeping bag exploring Himalayas which become a passion and I climbed and trekked extensively in Indian and Nepal Himalaas for almost two decades. During these climbs and treks, I realized I have to learn technique of climbing as mountaineering is all technical …and in 1996, I found myself enrolled in Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports [ D.M.A.S ] Manali, Himachal Pradesh in BASIC  Mountaineering course , which was followed by more extensive ADVANCE mountaineering course and ended up enrolling and completing MOI [ Method of Instruction ] in 2000.


tanuThis is where I met my wife , Tanuja Rupwal and by 2001 February- we were married. Becoming parents in 2005 of a very naughty and lively girl [ www.girija-gill.com ] was life changing experience …those were best years of my life.

I am widely traveled soul and almost have traveled whole country, coast to coast and border to border. My solo treks took me in remote Himalayan regions where life used to exist in it’s simples form. Those days, they even didn’t knew who is their PM, and what and where is Delhi. There was no money in those hidden villages in jungles and people used to trade with barter system. I still miss those jungles and slopes.

I happened to be a crazy reader and in my early years, used to spend huge time in libraries where I read various literature , autobiographies, fiction as well as classics . I could not like prose but very soon I finished shelves ofHindi, Punjabi and English literature. A chance reading about Maxim Gorky and MOTHER was my first translated Russian book which ends up in going through all books by L. Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoveyesky. At one stage of my growing up years- I used to study communism too – was greatly impressed and ended up buying full volume of DAS KAPITAL…could not understand …donated whole set to local library.googi

I love music and every form of art [ Not modern art, as I could never understand M.F Hussain paintings ] and in music, I like Western , Pop, Rock, Jazz and Indian light classical to Ghazal, Instrumental.

I could never consider photography seriously as carrying expensive cameras to high altitudes was not easy for me.
I am not a photographer – but life turns me towards it and today, I realized that I can express a lot through this medium.
I love to travel and have been to some countries and almost every nook and corner of India. Thus it gives me more access and know-how of various domains of life existing out there.
I want to show you world through my lens- I am sure, I will be able to enjoy it !


– Sammy Gill-
Abbotsford- British Columbia